My name is Alexandra, and I am a German journalist and pr professional with some „oranje“ twinkles in my heart.

I was born in Bonn, the lovely and a bit sleepy former German capital on the river Rhine. In early years already, I wanted to explore the world; luckily enough, my parents made me go to the US as an exchange student. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, I spend half a year – six wonderful, intense months which had a lifelong impact on me. Back in Bonn, I graduated and studied political science, modern history and American Literature. I got my journalistic education at the German newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, I worked for about 10 years for several newspapers.

In 2008, I started working as a press representative at NBTC Holland Marketing, promoting the Netherlands on the German market. The love for Holland was there before and was fuelled by the IJP Journalists Scholarship Netherlands: In 2007 I worked for two months at the newspaper Trouw in Amsterdam as part of the journalist exchange. Since May 2020, I work as PR & Communications Manager for Germany Travel in Amsterdam, promoting my beautiful home country in the Dutch market. Every few weeks, I return to Bonn – to smell the river Rhine and see the Seven Mountains.

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